A showscase/list of the biggest eCommerce websites run on Magento

Magento is a powerful and flexible open source e-commerce platform. It is one of the most commonly used software among all the e-commerce platforms, adapted to fit the needs different kind of companies: from small websites to large multinationals. Since 2011 Magento has been owned by eBay. Having such a strong company behind could be kind a guarantee regarding constant upgrades or support in the future. Magento also boasts a very large community.

The websites enlisted below are the most visited ones that are probably using Magento. Even if I do not claim that all these websites are using Magento for sure, the analysis of the html documents indicates they are. For the rank position I have used 'Alexa Top 1 Million' list. You will soon also find here a list sorted by countries and categories. I will be adding new websites to the list and new functionality, so keep coming back. The list is completely FREE, but I would appreciate it if you could share or publish the link anywhere. If you need even larger list, I suggest these leads.

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